Small Totoro Made with Quail Eggs for Charaben

Small Totoro Made with Quail Eggs for Charaben

How about these as accents in your bentos? I tried making small Totoro.

Ingredients: 1 mini-Totoro

Quail egg
Black sesame seeds
2 seeds
Sliced cheese
a tiny amount


1. Boil the quail eggs.
2. Cut a little bit off the bottom so that the egg won't roll around when it's stood up.
3. Cut one side of the egg.
4. It looks like this when it's stood up.
5. Cut the piece that was sliced off the side as shown here. (this forms the ears.)
6. Make a cut in the pointy end of the egg as shown (be careful not to slice all the way down through the egg).
7. Insert the ear piece into the cut.
8. Make the eyes. Cut out 2 round pieces from your cheese slices, using a straw.
9. Make a small hole in the center of each cheese piece. If you press too hard, the cheese will split in half so be gentle.
10. Bury the sesame seeds into the holes in the cheese.
11. Put a little mayonnaise on the back side of the eyes, and put them on the egg a bit higher than the center point to finish.
12. I tried making a Totoro using a chicken egg and made the eyes with nori seaweed.

Story Behind this Recipe

I referred to Recipe ID: 648898 Quail Egg Bunnies.