Chakin-Shibori Kaboch Squash Bites

Chakin-Shibori Kaboch Squash Bites

Add color to your bento box. Make a large batch and freeze them for later use.

Ingredients: For 1 cupcake case (Base 40 mm x Depth 25 mm)

Kabocha squash
60g (with the peel)
+1 teaspoon
1 teaspoon


1. Cut the kabocha roughly, place in a heatproof plate, cover loosely with plastic wrap and microwave to soften.
2. Remove the skin from the kabocha and set aside. Add sugar and mash with the back of a spoon. Then add milk and mix further.
3. Wrap a portion in plastic wrap. Twist and squeeze tightly to form a ball.
4. Unwrap and then neaten the shape. Using a bamboo skewer or toothpick, mark vertical lines to the side.
5. Carve two circles from the kabocha peel using a straw.
6. Top on the kabocha squash and it's done!
7. To freeze, place into cupcake liners, wrap in plastic wrap, then put into a freezer bag!
8. You can pack the frozen bites into your bento lunch box and they'll be thawed by lunch time! Take it out earlier in the wintertime.

Story Behind this Recipe

I love kabocha squash, so I make this all the time.