Spinach and Grated Daikon Radish Hot Pot

Spinach and Grated Daikon Radish Hot Pot

Use up a whole daikon radish! This is an easy recipe with just a few ingredients.

Ingredients: 3~4 servings

Daikon radish
1 bunch
Pork (thinly cut for shabu-shabu)
300~400 g
as needed


1. Grate the whole daikon radish (keep its juice!), cut the spinach into 4~5cm lengths. Cut the pork into half.
2. Layer the grated daikon radish (with the juice), spinach and meat in that order in an earthenware pot. Repeat 2~3 times. Put a generous layer of grated daikon radish in to bottom to prevent everything from getting burned while it cooks!
3. Cover with a lid and simmer until everything is cooked through. (It depends on a pot you use, but it normally takes about 10~15 minutes.) Serve into individual bowls and eat with ponzu sauce.
4. Here I used a generous amount of green onions instead of spinach . The hot pot was sweeter and it was also delicious.

Story Behind this Recipe

To use up a whole daikon radish!