Oil-Free Bread with Miso and Milk

Oil-Free Bread with Miso and Milk

Please enjoy the savory smell of the miso and the gentle taste of milk. Try out these oil-free bread rolls that taste different from the norm.

Ingredients: 4 small bread rolls

Bread (strong) flour
100 g
15 g
12 g
70 g
Dry yeast
2 g


1. Put all of the ingredients into the bread maker. Knead for 20 minutes.
2. Coat a bowl with oil and put in the dough. Let it rise until double in size.
3. Place the dough on a floured surface, form into a ball and let rest for 15 minutes. Separate into 4 pieces and form them into balls.
4. Place the dough on a baking tray, cover with a damp cloth, and let rise until 1.5 x more than the original size.
5. Once it has finished rising, bake for 15 minutes in an oven preheated to 180 degrees Celsius.
6. It will look like this when coated with egg.
7. If coated with cake or bread flour, it will turn out like this.
8. If you coat it with flour and then slash the top, it will look like this.
9. Since there's no oil, the crust is so crisp, but the inside is soft and moist because of the miso.
10. I really can't explain the way the fragrance of the miso spreads throughout my mouth. But, be warned that if you increase the amount of miso, it might become a bit bitter.

Story Behind this Recipe

When I went to make some bread, I had no salt!! So I used miso to substitute for the salty ingredient in this recipe.