Whole Sweet Potato Karintou

Whole Sweet Potato Karintou

Sweet potatoes have a simple and uncomplicated deliciousness Candied sugar is crystallized to make the surface crunchy. These snacks have an old fashioned and nostalgic taste They are vegetable based, so they're good for you too.


Sweet potatoes
2 to 3
Raw cane sugar (or light brown sugar)
4 tablespoons
1 tablespoon
Soy sauce
1 teaspoon


1. Peel the sweet potatoes, leaving random bits of the skin on. Cut up into easy to eat pieces. Soak in water for about 15 minutes.
2. Pat dry the pieces. Deep fry slowly in 150°C oil.
3. In another frying pan or pot, add sugar and water in that order. When adding water, pour it on the sugar.
4. Melt the sugar over low heat to caramelize. When the sugar has melted, add soy sauce.
5. Add the deep fried and drained sweet potato pieces into the caramelized sugar.
6. If you turn the heat off when the candy is still syrupy, it will be daigaku-imo ("university potatoes").
7. If you keep mixing over low heat, the moisture will evaporate and the sugar will crystallize.
8. When the sugar on the surface has hardened, it's done If you oil the plate lightly before putting the potato pieces on it, they won't stick.

Story Behind this Recipe

My mother used to make this for me when I was growing up. They're a nostalgic snack for me.