The Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween-Themed Charaben

The Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween-Themed Charaben

If you're not neat like me, this is a quick and easy steamed rice ball for a Jack character bento.

Ingredients: The amount shown

To make the Jack Skellington rice ball:
Plain cooked rice
as needed
Salt for rice ball
as needed
Your favorite ingredients (Note: Since these will be used for the face parts, red ingredients such as ume paste, salmon flakes, or mendaiko [seasoned cod roe] might be too grotesque)
as needed
For the spider sausages:
Red sausage
as needed


1. Form the slightly cooled rice into a ball. A slightly thick and flat oval makes a good shape.
2. Cut the nori seaweed parts with scissors. Make one of the eyes a little smaller than the other. Make the nose holes slightly long and tear-shaped.
3. Make three long, thin lines, with one forming a slight curve, to compose the mouth.
4. With the leftover nori, cut short lines in irregular lengths and decorate the mouth as shown.
5. For the spider wiener, make a head as you would for a crab, but cut ten legs, then fry.
6. I didn't have red rice, so I fried an egg and created the shape with a cup to make this character bento.

Story Behind this Recipe

My husband was crazy about the Nightmare Before Christmas event at Disneyland. I didn't want to buy any more collectibles, so I make this bento every season.