Rich Soy Milk & Cheese Risotto

Rich Soy Milk & Cheese Risotto

This is a very rich risotto that contains a generous amount soy milk and cheese It's delicious and so quick and easy to make.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Cooked white rice
2 bowls (300 g)
Soy milk
approx. 200-300 ml (enough to soak the rice)
Easy melting cheese
2-3 slices
Soup stock cube
Olive oil
2 tablespoons
to taste
Black pepper
to taste
to garnish


1. Finely chop the onion and stir-fry in olive oil.
2. When the onion has become translucent, pour in the soy milk and soup stock, along with the rice. Simmer over medium heat, continuously stirring to prevent burning.
3. When the soy milk has been absorbed by the rice and the rice has cooked, stop the heat.
4. Before transferring the risotto to a plate, spinkle some cheese and stir to melt. I specified 2-3 slices, but you can adjust the amount to taste.
5. Once the cheese has blended in, adjust the flavour of the risotto with some salt.
6. Transfer the risotto to a plate and sprinkle back pepper to taste. Garnish with some parsley for a splash of color and it's ready.
7. After stir-frying the onion, the ingredients will require simmering, so I used a deep frying pan!

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to easily use up some soy milk and also felt like eating risotto.