Side Dish Salad for Indian Food

Side Dish Salad for Indian Food

For an Indian food side dish, I recommend a raw veggie salad. Since Indian food has a strong flavor, the salad is light and simple.

Ingredients: serves 2

2 medium
2 small
Cilantro (optional)
as desired (decorative)
Paprika powder
a shake
a shake


1. Pick the vegetables you want to use in the salad. I listed the vegetables and amounts in the ingredients, but just use that as a reference. Use whatever you like.
2. Slice the vegetables into rounds as shown in the photo, or you could mince. If using raw onion, soak in water.
3. Arrange so that the sliced rounds look nice.
4. Squeeze the lemon. Add a small bit of salt and paprika from above. Decorate with cilantro as you like and it's complete.

Story Behind this Recipe

At Indian dinner tables or restaurants, a raw vegetable salad comes out as a side dish. It's generally in a rounded, flat shape, or everything is minced. I felt this was different than how most salads are in Japan and it felt very Indian, so I created this recipe.