Honey Marinated Roasted Nuts

Honey Marinated Roasted Nuts

If you have some honey and an empty jar, you can make this whenever you want!
These are a tasty way of preserving nuts, which have high anti-oxidant properties. This method will keep them fresh even longer.
They taste great topped on ice cream or toast.

Ingredients: 1 glass jar

Walnuts, almonds, etc. (any mix of nuts)
1 bag - to taste
as needed
I recommend spreading cream cheese and these honey nuts on some toast


1. Place the nuts on a sheet of aluminum foil and roast until crispy. It's easy to do if you use the Don't burn them!
2. Place the nuts into an empty glass jar and pack tightly so there are no spaces in between. (If there are too many crevices, they will float when the honey is added.)
3. Add in the honey little by little. (Pour it in gradually so that it pushes out the air from the spaces.)
4. Remove all of the air and cover the nuts completely with honey. It's done. These will keep for more than 3 months.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is a preserved food that I always have on standby.