Sweet Potato Cream Croquettes

Sweet Potato Cream Croquettes

Here's an easy recipe for cream croquettes that don't need any béchamel sauce. Make them into small and cute sizes!

Ingredients: 2 servings

Sweet potato (peeled)
200 g
10 g
To your liking
To your liking
Milk (fresh cream)
2 tablespoons
1 tablespoon
Cream cheese
to taste
Salt and pepper
a pinch each
For coating: Flour, eggs, panko
as needed


1. Peel the sweet potatoes. Chop and soak in water. Microwave. When soft, mash and combine with butter while they're still hot.
2. Chop the ham into squares. Combine the potatoes with with ham, corn, milk, mayonnaise, salt and pepper and mix thoroughly.
3. Tuck cream cheese into the center of the sweet potato mixture before forming it into balls. Coat with flour, eggs, and panko in that order and deep-fry.

Story Behind this Recipe

Milk and mayonnaise flavor with cream cheese filling.