Moist & Light Brownies

Moist & Light Brownies

They're light, even though they're moist. Enjoy them with whipped cream at coffee time.

Ingredients: one 15 cm round cake

Unsalted butter
90 g
Milk chocolate bar
60 g
70 g
Cake flour
50 g
Cocoa powder
10 g
40 g
Chocolate syrup and walnuts for decorating
A small amount


1. Bring the egg to room temperature. Sift the cake flour and cocoa powder together. Toast the walnuts for 15 minutes at 160℃, and chop coarsely.
2. Chop the chocolate into small pieces, add the butter and melt over hot water.
3. Mix in the sifted dry ingredients with a spatula, scooping up from the bottom.
4. Put the egg in a bowl, add the sugar beat with a whisk until the batter forms a ribbon when you lift the whisk.
5. Add the egg mixture in Step 4 to the batter in Step 3 in three batches, folding in with a spatula after each addition. ※See Helpful Hints
6. Add the walnuts and mix lightly.
7. Pour the batter into a cake tin. Smooth the top with a spatula and arrange the walnuts for decoration on top. Bake at 170℃ for approximately 35 minutes.
8. Test the readiness of the brownie with a bamboo skewer, and if it comes out clean, it's done. Take it out of the pan and let it cool on a cake rack.
9. When they've cooled down, drizzle on some chocolate syrup and it's ready to eat.
10. To serve: Arrange 2 thin slices of brownies on a plate with whipped cream on the side. Drizzle with chocolate syrup and sprinkle with nuts.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to make light brownies, so instead of baking powder, I used eggs to make them rise.