Cinnamon Nut Crumble Apple Muffins

Cinnamon Nut Crumble Apple Muffins

Cinnamon and nuts give a pleasant aroma to these sweet apple muffins topped with heaps of crumble.

Ingredients: 5-7 muffins

For the crumble layer:
Unsalted butter
40 g
★ Cake flour
50 g
★ Cinnamon powder
about 1/2 teaspoon
★ White sugar
40 g
Your choice of nuts (walnuts, almonds, cashew nuts, etc.)
35-40 g
For the caramelized apples:
White sugar
50 g
7 g
Muffin batter:
☆ Cake flour
85 g
☆ Bread (strong) flour
35 g
☆ Cinnamon powder
1 teaspoon
☆ Baking powder
4 g
35 g
80 g
Plain yogurt
35 g
1 medium-large


1. To prepare the crumble, put the chilled butter in a bowl, and using a fork or a dough cutter, chop into tiny pieces. Sift in the ★ ingredients.
2. Use your fingers to work the butter into the dry ingredients to make the crumble, taking care not to form large clumps. Add the nuts.
3. Feel free to use your choice of nuts. I use 35 g of a blend of chopped walnuts, almond slices, and cashew nuts.
4. Wrap the crumble in plastic wrap, then chill in the refrigerator to harden. That completes the preparation of the crumble.
5. To prepare the caramelized apple, roughly chop the apple into 4 cm chunks. Put the chopped apple and sugar into a sauce pan and heat over medium-high heat.
6. Once the apple starts to become shiny and the juice is cooked out, stir in the butter. When the apples absorb the butter, transfer to a bowl or tray to cool.
7. To make the muffin batter, microwave the butter to soften. Keep your eye to make sure it doesn't melt. (Or, you can bring it to room temperature in advance.)
8. Put the softened butter in a bowl, then thoroughly beat it with a whisk until creamy. Add the honey and mix well.
9. Next, add the yogurt and whisk. It will separate, but don't worry. Then, break in the egg, and thoroughly mix. It will also separate, but that is no need for concern.
10. Preheat the oven to 170℃.
11. Sift the ☆ ingredients into the batter. Use a whisk to mix until lumps are gone and it is completely smooth. Do not over mix.
12. The caramelized apples should have cooled by Steps 9-11. Add the syrupy liquid from the apples to the batter, and stir it in.
13. The batter is complete. Fill the muffin cups 50-60% full with the batter, then pack in the apples.
14. Remove the crumble from the refrigerator, then using your fingers, crumble on top of each muffin, pressing down very gently as you go.
15. The crumble will stick to the muffins as they bake, and will not fall out. There's no need to pack the crumble into the batter.
16. Bake for about 30 minutes in 170℃ preheated oven. They're done when a skewer inserted comes out clean.
17. There you have a crunchy and aromatic muffin with sweet apples and a moist inside. They're pleasingly delightful muffins and a perfect complement to a strong cup of coffee.
18. I recommend cooling completely before eating for a better textured crumble, and overall better flavor.

Story Behind this Recipe

I was chosen as a cooking tester for UCC Gold Special "Special Blend" coffee, so came up with this as a complementary dessert. I posted the recipe here, since I think they came out tasty, and won my husband's approval.