Easy Wanut Basil Pesto

Easy Wanut Basil Pesto

An economical basil pesto made with walnuts.
A nicely-blended, smooth taste. Spread on boiled potatoes or on bread.


Extra virgin olive oil
130 g
Fresh basil leaves
50-55 g
45-50 g
Powdered cheese (optional)
25 g
5 g
Good quality salt
3-5 g
Black pepper
3 g
See Step 6 for an additional note


1. Wash the basil leaves and use a paper towel, etc. to properly wipe the moisture.
2. Add all of the ingredients except for the basil leaves to a blender and mix until smooth.
3. Add the basil and continue to mix until smooth.
4. Basil leaves are easily damaged by heat. When making a lot the blender will get hot, so adding the leaves last will help keep their aroma.
5. To store the paste, pour in about 1 cm of olive oil to the top. This keeps it from oxidizing and changing color.
6. Additional Note: I wrote 3-5 g for the salt amount. 3 g is the regular amount, and 5 g gives it a strong saltiness, good for eating as-is with bread or potatoes.
7. Adjust the amounts as you see fit. If adding powdered cheese, 3 g of salt should be enough.

Story Behind this Recipe

We make a lot of basil every year. Upon harvesting it, I make this sauce.
I used to make this with pine nuts, but I wasn't able to buy them in time, so I used walnuts as a replacement. I gradually phased out the pine nuts and now only use walnuts.
It's just as delicious, and cheaper, so now I make it with walnuts.