Melty Chocolate Truffles

Melty Chocolate Truffles

Very simple, but very delicious. I can't get enough of the melting feeling on my tongue. The best light and elegant dish! I also listed the technique for cutting it cleanly.


Chocolate bar
3 (60 g x 3 bars)
Heavy cream
80 - 90 ml
Cocoa powder
to taste


1. Put the cream into a heat-resistant container and microwave. Once the cream bubbles, it's ready!
2. Add minced chocolate to the cream and mix until smooth.
3. Put the chocolate mix in a tray or bento lunch box covered in wrap. Wrap from the top and freeze for at least 3 hours.
4. Put the cocoa powder in a zipper bag and set aside. Cut the chocolate into bars of your desired thickness.
5. Put the chocolate bars into the zipper bag and cover with the cocoa powder.
6. Use a steak knife etc., to cut the bars into bite-sized pieces while still in the bag. Doing it in the bag keeps the powder from getting everywhere.
7. This chocolate will melt from the heat in your hands, so move quickly from step 4! If you use tongs you don't have to touch it with your hands.
8. This recipe calls for 3 bars of chocolate, but as long as you observe the ratio of 2:1 for chocolate to fresh cream, you can make as much as you like.

Story Behind this Recipe

I've made various types of chocolate for Valentines day over the years, but this simple chocolate truffle was the most well-received so this has become the standard for our house over the past few years.