Packed with Nutrition: Takoyaki

Packed with Nutrition: Takoyaki

These takoyaki are very nutritious and a little sweet, with milk, cabbage, Chinese chives and green onion in the batter! They're delicious and the vegetables don't get in the way!

Ingredients: 4 servings, about 30 takoyaki

For the batter:
Cake flour
200 g
300 ml
300 ml
Dashi stock granules
1 tablespoon
Additions to the batter:
3 handfuls, finely chopped
Chinese chives
1 handful, finely chopped
Green onions or scallions
1 handful, finely chopped
Octopus, cooked
To taste
Sakura shrimp - tiny dried shrimp
To taste
Squid tempura crumbs
To taste


1. Mix the batter ingredients together with a whisk until the flour is completely incorporated. Put in the additions and mix. Make a boiled egg, crush finely and combine with mayonnaise to make an egg sauce.
2. Heat the takoyaki maker to 250 °C. Oil generously and add batter to overflowing to each indentation. Put a piece of octopus in each indentation and sprinkle with the sakura shrimp and squid tempura bits.
3. When the bottom is cooked, push the overflowed batter into the wells. Turn the balls over. When the takoyaki balls are evenly browned, they're done.
4. You can use Chinese cabbage instead of regular cabbage. Be sure to squeeze out any excess moisture after chopping it up.

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to give my children nutritious takoyaki and came up with this recipe.