Macrobiotic Ingredients ★ Aromatic! Buckwheat Flour Bread

Macrobiotic Ingredients ★ Aromatic! Buckwheat Flour Bread

I love the extra texture that you get from the buckwheat seeds!
As you bite into it, the flavor of buckwheat will spread throughout your mouth.
This is a fluffy and healthy bread ♪

Ingredients: makes 1 loaf

Bread (strong) flour
200 g
Buckwheat (soba) flour
50 g
Dry yeast
3 g
★Beet sugar
15 g
4 g
★Water (buckwheat tea if available)
180 ml
★Canola oil
15 g
★Buckwheat seeds
20-25 g
Pistachio nuts
50 g


1. Rehydrate the buckwheat seeds by soaking them in hot water for a little while (they don't have to be completely soft). Properly strain afterwards.
2. Pull all of the ★ ingredients into your bread maker, then add the dry ingredients. Make a small well at top of the pile of ingredients and add the yeast so as to not to let it come in contact with the water.
3. Start the bread course on your bread maker! Once it alerts you to add the filling, add the pistachio nuts. Once it's finished, remove it quickly and let it cool.
4. I made a ham, mimolette, and avocado sandwich. Since the buckwheat stands out, it goes well with flavorful ingredients that can hold their own against its unique scent and taste.

Story Behind this Recipe

I decided to bake some bread with buckwheat flour because I had some left over. It had a delicious, rich flavor, so I wanted to try making it with other macrobiotic ingredients.