Restaurant-style California Roll

Restaurant-style California Roll

This is the California roll they serve at the restaurant where I work. It's really a standard amongst standards. The key is to make sushi rice that doesn't taste too vinegary.


White cooked rice
3 rice cooker cups' worth (540 ml uncooked)
1 tablespoon
1 tablespoon
1 x 3 cm square
Vinegar water
Sushi vinegar
30 ml
30 ml
a pinch
Nori seaweed (cut in half)
as needed
Imitation crab sticks
1 packet
to taste
Masago (capelin roe)
as needed


1. Add sake and mirin to the rice when cooking, and use 1 mm less water than usual. Don't cook the rice using the 'sushi rice' setting, just use the regular program.
2. Lay the kombu on top of the rice and switch the rice cooker on!
3. Put the sushi vinegar ingredients in a small pan and bring to a simmer. Turn the heat off immediately.
4. Add the boiled sushi vinegar and water to the freshly cooked rice, leave to cool down a bit, then cover with plastic wrap to prevent from drying out.
5. Spread a piece of nori seaweed evenly with sushi rice. Slightly moisten your hands with water and flatten out the rice. Cover with plastic wrap.
6. Turn it over, wrap and all, so that the nori side is facing up. Draw a thin line in the middle with mayonnaise.
7. Top with avocado and crab sticks. If you put the avocado on the far side it may get mashed when you roll the sushi, so I think it's easier if you put the crab sticks on the far side and the avocado closer to you.
8. Fold the plastic wrap that is sticking out on the side closer to you under the mat to make it easier to roll the sushi.
9. Roll the sushi, and cut it with the wrap still on it. If you peel off the wrap with moistened hands, you won't get any sticky rice.
10. Put the masago on the cut sushi roll pieces to finish. If you don't like masago, use ground white sesame seeds instead.
11. How to cut an avocado Cut into the avocado lengthwise and you'll hit the pit. Slice all the way around the avocado.
12. Twist both halves with your hands and it will end up as shown in the photo. Cut into the half with the pit lengthwise again, and push out the pit.
13. Note: I cut each crab stick in half lengthwise. Adjust depending on how thick you want the crab sticks to be.

Story Behind this Recipe

I learned how to make it while working part time at a Japanese restaurant in Canada. I don't know how much vinegar they added to the rice, but it was so little that you couldn't taste any. I made little adjustments to the standard sushi rice recipe to suit our family's tastes (using rice that isn't too vinegary).