Kuri Kinton (Chestnut Paste)

Kuri Kinton (Chestnut Paste)

We received chestnuts from Gifu prefecture as a gift, so I immediately made kuri-kinton with it. It was so good!

Ingredients: 35 pieces

Chestnuts (boiled and peeled)
1350 g
135 g


1. Put the chestnuts in a pot with plenty of water, and boil for an hour!
2. Cut the cooked chestnuts in half, and scoop out the insides with a spoon!
3. Add sugar to the chestnut and mix. Cook over low heat to dissolve the sugar. Keep mixing constantly with a wooden spatula!
4. Put the chestnut and sugar into a mortar and grind up the lumps. A few lumps remaining are fine! They'll taste better! Form into little dumplings with plastic wrap and it's done!

Story Behind this Recipe

We received a lot of chestnuts, so I immediately made my favorite kuri kinto with them! It has no preservatives, so eat it up the day you make it!