Easy Tofu Tiramisu

Easy Tofu Tiramisu

This tiramisu tastes so rich, but it actually uses simple ingredients and is easy to make. A safe dessert for children as well, and also great for dieters. Enjoy this healthier tiramisu!


Silken tofu (no need to drain)
1 block
Maple syrup
as needed (I use 100 g)
Soy milk (or regular milk)
2 tablespoons
Vanilla extract
2, 3 drops
Biscuits (cookies) or graham crackers
as needed (I use about 6)
Cocoa powder (sugar free)
as needed
Maple syrup (for the cookies)
1 tablespoon


1. Mix the tofu. Mix for about 5 minutes until the tofu becomes smooth. When done, add 100 g maple syrup and the soy milk. Mix some more.
2. When the tofu tastes sweet enough, line the bottom of the container with your desired biscuits.
3. Evenly pour 1 tablespoon of maple syrup over the biscuits.
4. Top the biscuits with the tofu cream made in Step 1. I usually spread on tons!
5. Sprinkle evenly with the cocoa powder.
6. On to the second layer. Place the biscuits as before. This time, don't sprinkle the maple syrup on (if you do, it makes the tiramisu too sweet and wet).
7. Top with the tofu cream.
8. Finally, sprinkle with a ton of cocoa powder. Cover the container and let it sit for a whole day. (Or, chill for 2-3 hours in the fridge.)
9. The following day, the cookies will be so soft like a sponge cake! The sweetness of the maple syrup makes this tiramisu so addictive! We usually stock up on this tiramisu.

Story Behind this Recipe

I was inspired by Rurumiko's [Easy Smooth Tiramisu with Tofu (Recipe ID: 728535)]. Since my whole family can't drink coffee, we're really happy with this coffee-free tiramisu.