Griddle Fried Udon for Weekend Lunches

Griddle Fried Udon for Weekend Lunches

This is a new spin on typical fried udon! I recommend this when you're strapped for time. It's super delicious and easy! Enjoy with ponzu sauce!

Ingredients: 4 servings

Cooked udon noodles
4-6 portions
about 3 leaves
Bean sprouts
1 bag
About 5cm
Shiitake mushrooms
1 pack
Enoki mushrooms
1 pack
Shimeji mushrooms
1 pack
Maitake mushrooms
1 pack
Pork offcuts
About 300 g
About 2 tablespoons
Vegetable oil
A lot (around 4 tablespoons)
Ponzu, dashi soy sauce
Use whatever vegetables and mushrooms you prefer


1. Once you wash the ingredients, make sure to drain thoroughly or else the dish will be too watery.
2. For the prep work, roughly chop the cabbage, julienne the carrot, and remove the stem ends of the mushrooms.
3. On a cold electric griddle, pour a generous amount of vegetable oil. (More oil will result in crunchier noodles)
4. Place the udon noodles on top. I used 5 portions. We eat a lot in our family, so we usually use 6 portions of noodles for 4 people.
5. Scatter cabbage, sprouts, mushrooms, and other vegetables on top of the noodles.
6. Lay the pork slices on top.
7. Scatter knobs of margarine on top.
8. Cover with lid, set the heat to the highest temperature, and let it cook.
9. Once steam builds up, open the lid a few times to let it escape. (Do not mix the noodles).
10. Once the pork has cooked (the meat turns from pink to white), it's done!
11. At this stage, toss the noodles and vegetables. The noodles should be browned and crisp like the photo.
12. Serve the noodles on the plates, and pour ponzu, dashi soy sauce, or whatever condiments you prefer and enjoy.

Story Behind this Recipe

This was a dish that my friend made for my husband's farewell dinner. It's so easy to make and stress-free since you don't need to mix the noodles.