Orange Mousse Cake

Orange Mousse Cake

A light tasting orange and yogurt mousse cake. It's refreshing, so try it as a dessert after dinner.

Ingredients: 1 15cm circular mold worth (or a cake tin with a removable bottom)

Sponge cake (bigger than 15 cm in diameter)
1 sheet
For the orange yogurt mousse:
200 ml
50 ml
Tropicana Homestyle orange juice (with pulp)
100 ml
Orange curaçao
1 teaspoon
Leaf Gelatin (Sheet Gelatin)
5 g
Heavy cream
100 ml
For the orange in syrup:
60 g
60 ml
Orange curaçao
1/2 teaspoon
For the orange jelly:
Tropicana Homestyle orange juice (with pulp)
60 ml
Leaf gelatin
1.5 g


1. Divide the leaf gelatin to use for the mousse and the jelly respectively, and soak each in ice water to soften.
2. Slice the sponge cake 1 cm thick, and cut it out using the circular mold.
3. Put the yogurt in a bowl, add the sugar and mix.
4. Add the orange juice little by little while mixing. Put in the orange curaçao.
5. Wring out the leaf gelatin tightly, and dissolve it in a bowl suspended over hot water. Add the dissolved gelatin to the mixture from step 4. Whip cream until soft peaks forms, add to the step 4 mixture and stir to combine.
6. Fill the circular mold lined with sponge cake from step 2 with the creamy mixture about 80% full. Chill until set in the refrigerator.
7. Wash the orange well and slice 2mm thick. Put the sugar and water in a pan and heat. When the sugar has melted add the orange slices. Simmer until there's no moisture left in the pan.
8. Take off the heat. When it's cooled down, sprinkle in the orange curaçao.
9. When the mousse from step 6 has set, decorate the top with the simmered orange slices cut in half.
10. Wring out the leaf gelatin for the jelly tightly, and dissolve it in a bowl suspended over hot water. Add it to the orange juice and mix well.
11. Pour the jelly over the cake, and chill until set. (See Hints.)
12. When the jelly has set completely, wrap the mold with a hot kitchen towel, and take the cake out of the mold. Decorate with mint leafs to finish.

Story Behind this Recipe

I thought up a dessert recipe using Tropicana orange juice. I decorated the top with orange slices in syrup to make it festive.