Caramel Sauce for Custard Cream

Caramel Sauce for Custard Cream

This is the caramel sauce used to make caramel custard pudding (flan). It's made in a small pan. It's easy, but you have to make sure to watch it carefully for when to stop cooking! Make extra and store it in the refrigerator!


Granulated sugar
100 g
2 tablespoons
Boiling water
2 to 4 tablespoons


1. Put the granulated sugar and water into a small pan, and start heating over medium heat. Put 2 to 4 tablespoons of water in a heatproof container, and microwave for about 30 seconds to bring it to a boil.
2. As you shake the pan occasionally, it will start to brown from the edges as shown in the photo. From this point on, don't leave the pan! Prepare the boiling water!
3. Keep shaking the pan and don't take your eyes off it! When it reaches the color shown in the photo here, it just needs a little bit more! Turn the heat off at this point and keep agitating the pan.
4. When the caramel is as dark as shown in this photo, add the boiling water all at once. It will splatter, so be careful of burns!
5. The caramel sauce is done! It can be kept in a sterilized jar for 2 to 3 months without any problems.
6. Please try using it in the caramel custard pudding recipe from Recipe ID: 678312! If you add a bit more boiling water to the sauce you can use it on ice cream or panna cotta too.
7. If you are using this for a caramel custard pudding, use 2 tablespoons of boiling water. To use as a sauce to pour over panna cotta or ice cream, add 4 tablespoons or so of boiling water.

Story Behind this Recipe

I make basic caramel sauce in a pan. You can make it in the microwave too, but it's harder to mess up if you make it in a pan while observing it diligently. I always make custard puddings (flans) using this sauce! You can store it in the refrigerator in a sterilized jar. If you make a large batch, making custard puddings next time will be so easy!