Chukauni - My Chicken Biryani Sauce

Chukauni - My Chicken Biryani Sauce

I've heard that chicken biryani is really good when served with a yogurt-based sauce. This sauce has the lingering smell of fenugreek and the after-taste of red chili pepper.

Ingredients: 2 portions

Plain yogurt
150 g
2 medium
Red chili pepper
1/2 of a pack
Fenugreek seeds
1/2 teaspoon
1/2 teaspoon
3 tablespoons
1 teaspoon
1/2 teaspoon
Garlic paste
1 teaspoon
My Chicken Biryani
Recipe ID: 897740


1. Cut the potato into small pieces. Boil in microwave. Finely chop the onion and lightly wash in a strainer.
2. Add the onion, boiled potato, garlic paste, salt, sugar, and red chili pepper (cut into 1cm round slices) to the yogurt and mix.
3. Heat a frying pan and roast the fenugreek like you would sesame seeds. Put them in a mortar once they've turned a dark brown color.
4. Use a pestle to grind the fenugreek into a fine powder.
5. Add oil to a pot and put on medium heat. Carefully add the ground fenugreek seeds and tumeric to the oil and mix evenly.
6. Once the tumeric is evenly mixed, add the yogurt from Step 2 and mix. Test the taste and adjust with salt as necessary.
7. Garnish with coriander leaves and eat. You can also put it in the refrigerator to sit for a day and it will taste even better.
8. Serve with chicken biryani.

Story Behind this Recipe

I saw chicken biryani and chukauni on TV and thought they looked good so I made this along with chicken biryani (Recipe ID: 897740) to commemorate leaving my home in India and starting my life abroad.