Chilled Tofu with Spicy Toppings

Chilled Tofu with Spicy Toppings

I topped chilled tofu with lots of ginger, natto and kimchi spice. It's low calorie so it's great for when you are on a diet.


Silken tofu
1 block
1/2 pack
● Kimchi or salty kimchi shiokara
as needed
●Grated ginger
as needed
Dashi soy sauce or concentrated mentsuyu
as needed


1. Top the tofu with the ingredients marked ● and pour the dashi soy sauce on top.

Story Behind this Recipe

This was on the menu at a sushi shop I visited. It was really nice, so I tried to recreate the taste at home.
In the restaurant they topped the tofu with something like salty kimchi shiokara (salt preserved fish), but it's tasty enough with just kimchi.