Made with Lys d'Or Flour Flatted Bread ~ Anko & Cheese Bread

Made with Lys d'Or Flour Flatted Bread ~ Anko & Cheese Bread

The salty sweetness of the an paste and cheese in the Lys d'Or flour dough is the best match! It has a crispy and fluffy texture~. Please give it a try .

Ingredients: 8 servings

All-purpose flourr (or bread flour )
200 g
20 g
4 g
20 g
Dried yeast
Anko and sesame seeds
As much as you like
1 block


1. Thus is today's main character~ Make the dough in the bread maker.
2. Roll up the an paste during that time. Cut the cheese as well.
3. After the first rising has ended, roll up into 8 equal portions. Bench for 15 minutes. The photo shows it after benching.
4. After benching, stretch out the dough and bury the cheese inside.
5. Close the seam tightly.
6. Place them on the pan~. Let rise for the second time until they about double in size.
7. After rising, mist the rolls and top with sesame seeds if you like.
8. In order to keep it from getting smashed too much, I have placed down circular metal rings.
9. Cover with a sheet~. Place a pan on top of that, and bake in the oven at 200°C for about 18 minutes. Please adjust the time and temperature according to your household oven.
10. The front was baked in a metal ring. The flat an paste bread is done.
11. It's crispy outside and fluffy inside. The anko and cheese inside are...
12. ...sweet and salty, and addictively delicious!

Story Behind this Recipe

You can, of course, use Lys d'Or flour for hard bread. It's also good for snacks and cooking bread.
It's also great for the shape of circular bread Please also check out the recipe for flat curry bread (Recipe ID: 895352) and flat meat bread (Recipe ID: 897456).