How to Break Down Pacific Saury for Fresh Sashimi at Home

Let's enjoy fresh in-season Pacific saury (sanma) as sashimi! Fresh Pacific saury is silvery and shiny and beautiful.

Ingredients: 2 servings

Fresh Pacific saury (sanma)
Shiso leaves
4-6 leaves
Grated ginger
to taste
Sudachi citrus fruit
to taste


1. Remove the scales and sliminess on the surface carefully using your knife.
2. Slice off the head section behind the gills. Slice into the belly, and scrape out the entrails.
3. Rinse the fish very well under running water. Clean out any blood or residual entrails.
4. Filet the fish (cut through each side of the backbone so you end up with three slices).
5. Slice out the backbone. You can immerse the fish in vinegar at this point, if you'd like.
6. Use bone tweezers to remove the fine bones. (The bones are soft so you can just eat them. They're a good source of calcium.)
7. Use the back of your knife to scrape and pull off the skin, starting from the tail.
8. Line a large serving plate with shiso or wakame seaweed, and arrange the Pacific saury slices on top. Serve with grated ginger and sudachi fruit on the side.

Story Behind this Recipe

Pacific saury is cheap and delicious in the fall. It's even cheaper if you break it down yourself, and fresher too!