Hot Dog on Toast

Hot Dog on Toast

It's delicious with just a small touch.

Ingredients: 1 slice

Sliced bread
1 slice
1 leaf
●Curry powder
a small amount
●Salt and pepper
a small amount
Wiener sausages
a small amount
to taste
Processed cheese
1 slice


1. Shred the cabbage, and stir-fry. Season with ● ingredients. Cut the wiener sausages into 5 mm slices.
2. Spread a small amount of margarine on the bread. Spread the Step 1 cabbage on top.
3. Arrange the wiener sausages.
4. Put ketchup on top.
5. Place the processed cheese, and toast it as usual, then it's done.
6. "Onkame" made it with bacon This must be delicious.
7. Putting mayonnaise on top was also tasty. Lots of calories though.

Story Behind this Recipe

I had a small amount of leftover cabbage and wiener sausages. I wanted to make hot dogs, but I only had a loaf of bread, so I made hotdog-style toast.