Heart-Shaped Boiled Eggs You Can Make without a Mold

Heart-Shaped Boiled Eggs You Can Make without a Mold

Make cute heart shaped boiled eggs even without a heart mold.


Milk pack
Round chopsticks
Rubber bands


1. We will be using the portion of the milk carton indicated in red. Cut using scissors.
2. Fold a crease vertically.
3. Remove the shell from the boiled egg and put it on top. Work while it is still warm.
4. Place 1 chopstick on top, and secure in 2 places with rubber bands.
5. This is what it should look like.
6. This is how it looks from the side. Let it sit like this for a while.
7. Once the shape sets, remove the mold, and cut in half. Cut off the ends a little so that it sits flat.
8. The yolk turns out nice and pretty. I recommend half boiled eggs .
9. Fresh eggs are hard to peel, so use eggs that are close to their expiration date. The carbon dioxide inside the egg will have dissipated and you should be able to peel them without chilling!

Story Behind this Recipe

I was wondering if I could make a heart with things close at hand, so I tried out various things. I discovered that milk packs are the perfect size and thickness!