Our Family's Simple Pan-Fried Pork with Ginger

Our Family's Simple Pan-Fried Pork with Ginger

When grated garlic meets inexpensive pork bits, they form a delicious dish! Not only is it appetizing and cold-preventing, but the meat turns out so soft thanks to the ginger.

Ingredients: 4 servings - 366 kcal per serving

Pork offcuts
500 g
80 g
●Soy sauce
2 tablespoons
2 tablespoons
Bean sprouts
2 packets
Vegetable oil
2 teaspoons
a small amount


1. Remove thin roots off the bean sprouts. Soak in water to crisp. Drain. Removing roots makes it taste much better! This steps takes 10 minutes per packet.
2. Grate the ginger. Combine with sake and soy sauce.
3. Rub the sauce prepared in Step 2 into the meat. Set aside for a whole day. This is also nice in bentos, so plan ahead.
4. Spread out oil in a pan and pan-fry the meat. Remove, and stir-fry the bean sprouts briskly. Season lightly with salt. Dish up the meat and bean sprouts.

Story Behind this Recipe

The flavor for pan-fried pork with ginger is different for each family. I wanted to post our unsweetened variation here as a record.