Simple and Refreshing Vinegar Happosai Stir-Fry

Simple and Refreshing Vinegar Happosai Stir-Fry

This came out pretty good by adding vinegar.

Ingredients: about 3 servings

Main ingredients:
○Pork (thinly sliced)
○Peeled shrimp
as desired
○Chinese or napa cabbage
about 4 leaves
○Green peppers
○Shiitake mushrooms
about 4
For the seasoning:
☆Oyster sauce
1 tablespoon
1 tablespoon
☆Soy sauce
1 tablespoon
1 tablespoon
☆ Chinese soup stock
1 tablespoon
Salt and pepper
a small amount
Katakuriko slurry
1.5 tablespoons each


1. Massage salt, pepper, and sake (not listed) into the pork and peeled shrimp. Cut the vegetables into your desired sizes and mix in with the ☆ flavoring ingredients.
2. Lightly fry the pork and shrimp first in a little bit of oil, and remove from the pan.
3. Add a small amount of oil and fry and vegetables, starting with the hardest.
4. Return the pork and shrimp to the frying pan and lightly mix in the ☆ ingredients from Step 1.
5. Adjust the flavor with salt and pepper. Mix in a small amount of sesame oil (not listed) from the edges of the pan. Add the katakuriko evenly and mix quickly.
6. And it's complete.

Story Behind this Recipe

Just a bit of vinegar brings out the delicious flavor. This is a standard in our household.