Carmel Sauce for Pudding

Carmel Sauce for Pudding

Carmel sauce is essential for puddings.
You can also use it as dessert sauce for cakes and ice cream.

Ingredients: Makes enough for 8 small-sized dessert cups

Granulated sugar
40 g
25 g
Extra water
15 g


1. Combine granulated sugar and water to a pan, bring to a boil, reduce to medium heat, and slowly simmer while agitating the pan. (Do not stir.)
2. Large bubbles will form and reduce to small, thick bubbles, then the liquid should start to brown.
3. Once the liquid matches the color shown in the photo, gently swish in the pan until the color evens out.
4. Once the sauce is nice brown color, remove from heat, add extra water (watch out for spattering), then it's ready. (I added 17 g water.)
5. Don't toss it out if it reduces down too much! Simply adjust the consistency by adding honey or liquid sugar.
6. When using it as a dessert sauce, I recommend using a little more water. (Here, I used 20 g.)
7. Refer to Recipe ID: 880968 for my recipe for "Rich and Creamy Pudding".

Story Behind this Recipe

A tasty pudding should have a tasty sauce. This is my standard caramel sauce.