My Secret Creamy Custard Pudding

My Secret Creamy Custard Pudding

This is simple and delicious . This is a pudding that I kept secret. I changed the steps to make it even more creamy and jiggly.

Ingredients: 8 small milk bottles

Whole egg
2 large
Egg yolk
2 large
Granulated sugar
Heavy cream
Vanilla bean
1/2 bottle
Liquor (Kirsch)
Caramel sauce
Recipe ID: 881260


1. Place the caramel sauce into milk bottles and let cool. Refer to Recipe ID: 881260 for the caramel sauce.
2. Add the whole eggs, egg yolks, and granulated sugar (my family uses 70 g) to a bowl and whip with an egg beater to dissolve it.
3. Add the milk, heavy cream, and the vanilla bean with the seeds scraped off to a pot. Add in the pod as well, warm to the point where it begins to bubble around the edges, and then add in the liquor..
4. Add Step 3 to the bowl from Step 2 a bit at a time so there are no inconsistencies, and mix together. (Bubbles will form if you over mix it so be careful).
5. Pass Step 4 through a strainer to make the batter smooth. (It's better to use a finely meshed tea strainer).
6. Pour the batter evenly into the milk bottles. (You can pour it in cleanly if you use a measuring cup with a spout).
7. Wrap the lids of the milk bottles with aluminum foil, place into a deep pot, add in enough water to cover about 70~80% of the milk bottles, and turn on the heat. (You can use more water).
8. Reduce to a low heat once it begins to bubble around the edges, and steam for 5 minutes. (Use the lowest heat setting. It will turn sour if you use a strong heat so be careful).
9. You can't take them out right away. Please steam them for an additional 12 minutes in the residual heat after turning off the heat. (The steaming time will vary depending on the temperature used to cook it).
10. There will be a film on the surface, and it will shake a bit. It's good when it is still a little warm~.
11. Chill in the fridge, and it is done..
12. The pudding is jiggy... I've poured the caramel sauce on top as well.
13. When making this in an oven refer to Steps 7 and 8 of the Orange Pudding - Recipe ID: 1620072.
14. The temperature of each household oven will vary. User "Weeeek" baked hers for 20~25 minutes in the oven..

Story Behind this Recipe

I really don't want to share this recipe.. But I ended up sharing it to a friend who kept pestering me. Therefore I will share it with all of you.