Easy Kanten Whole Grapefruit Jelly

Easy Kanten Whole Grapefruit Jelly

This jelly uses a whole grapefruit: its skin as the cup, and its pulp in the jelly. It takes no time to set since it's made with kanten. This jelly is surely a great dessert to bring to a potluck party.


6 small
adjust so that the total volume with the juice and pulp becomes 500 ml (refer to Step 3)
70 g
1-2 tablespoons (to your taste)
Powdered kanten
4 g


1. Slice all the grapefruits in horizontal halves. Carve out the insides of the 3 grapefruits that you're using for the container.
2. Squeeze the other 3 grapefruits in a juicer to make some fresh grapefruit juice. Combine it with the pulp from Step 1 and measure out the volume.
3. Mine was 400 ml (with the pulp and juice combined), so I added 100 ml water to make it 500 ml in total.
4. Remove the membrane from the grapefruit skin (the ones that you carved out) since you will be using this as a cup.
5. Heat 100 ml water and the powdered kanten in a pot, and boil for 2 minutes. Turn the heat to medium, then add the sugar and honey to simmer and dissolve.
6. When mostly cooled, add the grapefruit juice (from Step 2) and mix well.
7. Pour the grapefruit mixture into the cups prepared in Step 4. The jellies will set at room temperature since it uses kanten, but they taste better when chilled.
8. They look rather posh with some mint leaf topping. An alternative will be cutting them into wedges.

Story Behind this Recipe

I made these jellies so that they're easy to handle for bringing to potluck parties. I also aimed for a quick-set jelly that uses the fruit skin as the container. So, those were the reasons behind putting this recipe together. Using kanten allows these jellies to set in room temperature, which means you can store them in the fridge after they're slightly set, taking less space.