Avocado and Hijiki Seaweed Grill with Sweet Miso

Avocado and Hijiki Seaweed Grill with Sweet Miso

Enjoy the creamy texture of avocado and healthy hijiki seaweed with sesame flavored sweet miso.

Ingredients: 2 to 4 servings

Hijiki seaweed ( kept in water )
2 tablespoons
3 tablespoons
◎ Miso
2 tablespoons
◎ Sugar
1 teaspoon
◎ Ground sesame seeds
1 tablespoon
As needed
Lemon juice
As needed
Roasted sesame seeds
As needed


1. Mix all the ◎ ingredients in a heat‐resistant container and cover it with a cellophane wrap and heat it up in the microwave ( 500 w to 600 W ) for about 50 seconds.
2. Cut the avocado into half and remove the seed and make some cuts for about 5 mm wide on the surface of the avocado and scoop out the inside out like the picture.
3. Mix the inside of the avocado and the hijiki seaweed then sprinkle with some salt and lemon juice.
4. Stuff the avocado cup with ingredients from Step 3.
5. Pour ingredients from Step 1 on each and sprinkle some roasted sesame. Place it on a plate with tin aluminum foil spread on the bottom and grill it in a toaster oven for about 5 to 6 minutes.
6. Dish it up on a plate.

Story Behind this Recipe

The creamy and delicious high nutrition avocado. I wanted to make a healthy recipe using a Japanese seasoning and something which matches with rice.