Chilled Kinako (Soy Flour) Paste Sliced Confectionary

Chilled Kinako (Soy Flour) Paste Sliced Confectionary

I thinly sliced Kinako Soy Flour Paste and froze it. The aroma of Kinako paste paired with the pleasantly chilled texture is delicious. Enjoy as a Japanese snack.

Ingredients: 5x8 cm (about 160g)

●Light brown sugar (or caster sugar, brown sugar, brown sugar+caster sugar)
a pinch


1. Place the ● ingredients into a pot, stir while heating up over a medium heat, and remove from heat after the sugar has dissolved.
2. Add Kinako soy flour to Step 1, and mix until thickened. If it is soft, then stir over low heat.
3. Place on top of a sheet of plastic wrap, and shape into a 5 x 8 cm piece through the plastic wrap.
4. Wrap in plastic wrap as-is, chill in the freezer for more than an hour, and thinly slice into 1~2 mm slices before eating.
5. These sliced frozen are coated in Kinako paste and cinnamon, and frozen again.
6. I added to yogurt. You can absorb the nutrients of Kinako this way as well. The pleasantly chilled Kinako paste is delicious. It has a different texture powdered kinako.
7. As for the appropriate firmness of the an paste, think of adzuki beans. When it becomes to firm, add in a bit of water to adjust.
8. Adjust the sweetness to suite your taste.
9. "Light Brown Sugar and Kinako Soy Flour Mini Ohagi" (Recipe ID: 869328).

Story Behind this Recipe

I thinly sliced frozen Kinako soy flour an paste, and it was pleasantly chilled and delicious when I tried it. You can store this in the freezer, so you can quickly and easily slice it up whenever you want to eat. You can also use Azuki bean paste. The Azuki bean paste has a richer texture, and adds aroma to the an paste.