Caprese-Style Salad with Tomato & Drained Tofu

Caprese-Style Salad with Tomato & Drained Tofu

It looks just like cheese! I made a healthy and stylish dish with well-drained (salted) tofu Try it dressed with soy sauce, olive oil, whatever takes your fancy that day!

Ingredients: 2 servings

Silken tofu
1/2-1 block
Salt for draining the tofu
1 teaspoon
Watercress, shiso leaves, basil, cucumber, mizuna greens etc.
to serve


1. [Draining the tofu] Take the tofu out of the pack. Cover your hands in 1 teaspoon salt and hold the tofu, thoroughly coating it with the salt in your hands.
2. Wrap the tofu in 2 layers of thick kitchen paper, place it in a plastic container, and put the plastic container in the fridge Please turn the container over every now again and change the paper.
3. After 12-24 hours you should be left with dense, well-drained tofu It's like Japanese-style cheese.
4. [Serving] Give the tofu a quick rinse and pat away the moisture with kitchen paper Cut it into 1 cm slices and alternate it with 1 cm thick tomato slices on a plate as in the picture Season it how you like.
5. [How to eat] Try it with wasabi and soy sauce Or olive oil, salt, basil, and black pepper With Japanese dressing as well However you like.

Story Behind this Recipe

This is how I like to eat tofu It's cheap, healthy, and looks great! I highly recommend this dish.