Black Soy Bean Bread

Black Soy Bean Bread

I made a fluffy and soft bread using black soy beans and black soy bean juices.

After simmering the black soy beans, make good use of the juices.

Ingredients: 1.5 loaves

Dry yeast
1 1/2 teaspoons
Brown sugar
3 tablespoons
Bread (strong) flour
320 g
Cake flour
50 g
1 1/2 teaspoons
25 g
Black soy bean juices
250 ml
Simmered black soy beans (Recipe ID: 870579)
70 g


1. Add all of the ingredients in order (except for the ☆ ingredients) into the bread maker. Start the sandwich bread loaf course. Once the buzzer sounds to add fillings, add the ☆ ingredients.
2. It's done.
3. If I cut it up thickly like the photo shows, my lively son gobbles it up. I love lightly toasting it for a crunchy texture the next (and thereafter) day.
4. I also made it by only adding the bean juices and leaving out the beans. It tastes completely fine with just the juices.
5. I used Recipe ID: 794985 to simmer the beans and get the juices.

Story Behind this Recipe

I simmered some black soy beans and made good use of the juices.