Absolutely Foolproof Authentic Carbonara

Absolutely Foolproof Authentic Carbonara

An easy authentic carbonara. I was taught a small trick by my friend who works in an Italian restaurant and included it in this foolproof recipe.

Ingredients: 1 serving

Pasta of your choice (long or short pasta is fine)
100 g
(A) Heavy cream (or heavy cream and milk in equal parts... I prefer this)
50 ml
(A) Egg yolk
(A) Parmesan cheese
To taste
(A) Salt
To taste
(A) Pepper
To taste
Garlic oil from Recipe ID: 1117234 or extra virgin olive oil
30 ml
Garlic (finely chopped)
1 clove (please don't use garlic if you're using the garlic oil)
Onion (optional)
1/4 of one onion
To taste
Black pepper (coarsely ground if possible)
To taste
Please make a version using whatever ingredients you have on hand ^^


1. Add 3 liters of water into a large pot and start to bring it to boil. This is the water to be used for cooking the pasta. Once the water is beginning to boil add 2 tablespoons of salt (this amount is equal to 1% of the weight of the water).
2. The amount of salt used in Step 1 will also add flavor. Please make sure to measure out the salt carefully. When the pasta water comes to a boil, turn the heat down very low to have it ready to go.
3. Put the olive oil and garlic in a cold frying pan and heat over a low heat to draw out the fragrance of the garlic.
4. If using the garlic oil from Recipe ID: 1117234, skip Step 3 and move to Step 5... This oil can be preserved and is very convenient.
5. When the garlic from Step 3 has become slightly beige and fragrant, add the bacon roughly cut into pieces. The fragrance of the bacon will also transfer to the oil.
6. Prepare a "Bowl A", a "Bowl B" and a strainer to drain the pasta. Bowl B should be bigger than Bowl A.
7. Add the A ingredients to Bowl A and lightly mix.
8. Place the strainer over the top of Bowl B.
9. When the fragrance of the bacon in Step 5 has transferred to the oil, add the onion, salt and pepper and heat over a low-medium heat.
10. Once the onions are soft, remove from the heat.
11. Cook the pasta in the prepared water and once it is cooked to al dente, drain the water in the strainer in Step 8. *Preserve the drained water in Bowl B.
12. Add the pasta from Step 11 and 2 tablespoons of the drained water to the frying pan in Step 10 and heat over medium heat. Mix all the ingredients together well.
13. Add all of the ingredients in the frying pan into Bowl A and mix well.
14. Place Bowl A with the pasta inside over the top of Bowl B with the hot pasta water. This makes a double boiler. Heat the mixture in Bowl A using this method and mix well.
15. The pasta water in the double boiler is hot so the sauce in Bowl A will quickly thicken up. Place it onto a plate, add plenty of black pepper and you're done!
16. I think a lot of people would normally add the egg mixture in last. However, if you heat the sauce in the double boiler the egg mixture won't become lumpy.
17. The combined fragrance of garlic and bacon is the best I love the rich and smooth sauce of this carbonara.
18. Please also try this version - "Tomato Carbonara With Plenty Of Bacon" Recipe ID: 1096555. It's quite addictive.
19. This is a carbonara without the heavy cream and milk, using only egg. Recipe ID: 1343642. Please try this "Rome-style Authentic Carbonara."

Story Behind this Recipe

I was taught this method of using a double boiler by my friend who is working in an Italian restaurant. Now my recipes have become really delicious.
I thought this method would be helpful so I submitted it...