Okonomiyaki (Light and Fluffy)

Okonomiyaki (Light and Fluffy)

In addition of being stuffed with veggies and being healthy, this okonomiyaki has lots of nagaimo yams, so it's light and you can eat as much as you like!

Ingredients: 3 okonomiyaki pancakes

Okonomiyaki Batter:
100 g
Baking powder
4 g
Dashi stock (bonito based)
140 ml
4 cm
Added ingredients:
Pork (belly meat or cut-offs)
100 g
1/2 head
Green onions
4 stalks
Tempura crumbs
to taste
To finish the okonimiyaki:
Okonomiyaki sauce
Bonito flakes
Aonori seaweed powder


1. [For the batter] Grate the nagaimo yams, add in flour and baking powder, pour in the dashi soup stock broth, and mix together thoroughly.
2. Mixing the ingredients for each pancake: In a bowl, mix the finely chopped cabbage with the batter from Step 1, the tempura crumbs and egg.
3. Cooking the pancakes: Fry the thoroughly mixed batter in a pan. Lay pork on top, and flip over once it has browned.
4. To finish: Flip over again once the meat has cooked. Top with the sauce and mayonnaise, add bonito flakes and aonori, and you are done!

Story Behind this Recipe

I learned this from my wife. Adding lots of nagaimo yams is the trick! You can also add sakura shrimp, konnyaku, and chikuwa.