A Delicious Filling! Almond Cheese Cream

A Delicious Filling! Almond Cheese Cream

I don't know if a cream filling like this already exists, but if you use it to fill tarts or breads and so on, it's absolutely sublime.

Ingredients: 21 cm tarts

Unsalted cultured butter (or regular or salted butter)
30 to 70 g (140 g in total combined with the cream cheese)
Cream cheese
70 to 110 g (140 g in total combined with the butter)
Powdered sugar (or any other sugar is fine too)
50 to 70 g (to taste)
Almond flour (poudre d'amande)
140 g
Lemon juice (bottled lemon juice is fine)
2 tablespoons
Rum (or your favorite liqueur) ....A
1 tablespoon
Almond essence (optional) ....A
to taste


1. Bring the butter and cream cheese to room temperature to soften. If using a microwave, make sure not to overcook.
2. Sift the almond flour quickly. You could just use a fine mesh sieve.
3. Mix the powdered sugar with the butter and cream cheese until blended, soft, and creamy.
4. Add the beaten eggs to Step 3 little by little, mixing well between additions so that it doesn't separate.
5. Add the almond flour from Step 2 to 4 and mix well. You don't need to fold it in carefully.
6. Add lemon juice and any of the A. ingredients to taste, and it's done. Taste the cream and adjust the amount of lemon juice, liqueurs and so on.
7. You can eat it uncooked, but it's meant to be cooked as a filling. Put it into Danish pastries or use as a pie filling...
8. ...or try it in a tart shell and bake... this is my favorite.
9. Recipe ID: 868016 My "AAlmond Cream Cheese Tart" was made with this.
10. When it's cut, the inside of the tart is moist as seen here.
11. "Kiraramama" made it with 90 g of cream cheese and 50 g of butter. She says she likes this ratio.
12. As long as the butter and cream cheese together total 140 g, you can vary it as much as you like. Feel free to experiment.
13. I love almond cream for amandines, but I love this little variation on that too. ^^
14. Recipe ID: 1376374 is a regular almond cream or crème d'amande. This is delicious, too, so try it in various tarts.

Story Behind this Recipe

I did a little experimenting when I had leftover cream cheese and it was delicious!
It's tasty in a different way from usual almond cream.