Easy 'Gamjajeon' Potato Chijimi

Easy 'Gamjajeon' Potato Chijimi

These only two ingredients, but they're super chewy, mochi-like, and spicy! I'm tellin' ya, these are delicious!
They only take 10 minutes to make. Also great for times when you need to be thrifty.

Ingredients: 3 potatoes' worth

Green onions
1/2 bunch
Carrots (juliienned) and onions (optional)
to taste
3 drops
a pinch
Dipping sauce: amount per person
1/2 tablespoon
1 tablespoon
Soy sauce
1 tablespoon
Chopped green onion
3 to 5 tablespoons
Dark sesame oil
3 tablespoons
Korean red chili peppers, medium grind
1/2 tablespoon
Dark sesame oil or frying


1. Here you go! That's all it takes to make these.
2. Now, let's prep the sauce. Combine all of the ingredients except for the sesame oil, divide into individual serving saucers, then drizzle in the sesame oil.
3. Here is the Korean red chili pepper. Be sure to look at the Helpful Hints!
4. Peel the potatoes and grate without soaking in water.
5. Grate them into a sieve, then press down on the grated potatoes. The more you press, the firmer the final pancake will be.
6. Don't throw away the liquid! So that it doesn't get discolored, let's add a few drops of vinegar and a pinch of salt to the grated potatoes, and mix.
7. Transfer the liquid to a cup. If you let it sit a while, starch will settle at the bottom.
8. Pour off the liquid, then add the white stuff settled at the bottom to the bowl of grated potatoes. Mix, mix, and mix some more. This is pure katakuriko.
9. Chop up plenty of green onions, then mix into the bowl. Cut the spring onions into long segments, and fry them in the batter. Add carrots and onions to your liking.
10. Okay. Next, pour sesame oil (a little more than usual) into a frying pan. Before frying, fire up the frying pan, then heat the sesame oil!
11. Fry on medium without a lid. After both sides are grilled and it's giving off a nice smell, it's done!
12. Be sure to dip it in the sauce.
13. It's also tasty with some squid added. But first try it this way--classic gamjajeon. How d'ya like it?
14. -

Story Behind this Recipe

In Hangul, "gamja" means potato, and "jeon" means something dredged, then fried.
I wanna hear you say, "Can something made just with potatoes really be this chewy and mochi-like?"
There's no flour used in this recipe, like regular chijimi Korean pancakes. It's totally different than those that use flour.