Shiso Leaves & Cheese Rolled in Gyoza Skins

Shiso Leaves & Cheese Rolled in Gyoza Skins

This is a quick appetizer using leftover gyoza skins! You only need 10 minutes to prepare these. They go well with beer, and are great as a bento side dish, too.


Gyoza dumpling skins
8 skins
Shiso leaves
4 leaves
Sliced cheese
4 slices
Salt and pepper
a small amount


1. Slice the shiso leaves and cheese into halves.
2. Place a piece of shiso leaf and cheese (in this order) on top of the gyoza skin, and fold into thirds.
3. Wet the seams with water, and sure the edges tightly and securely.
4. Lightly coat a heated frying pan with vegetable oil, and lay the packed gyoza skins from Step 3 with the seam sides facing upwards.
5. Once they are golden brown, flip them over, and lightly season with salt and pepper. When both sides are golden brown, they are done.

Story Behind this Recipe

Since I had leftover gyoza skins, I decided to make an easy appetizer.