Don't Throw Them Out! Easy Furikake Using Shrimp Shells

Don't Throw Them Out! Easy Furikake Using Shrimp Shells

Do you just throw out your shrimp shells? What a waste! Let's be thrify and green!


Shrimp shells
30 shells
1 teaspoon
Toasted sesame, or ground sesame
1 teaspoon


1. This time I used 30 black tiger shrimp shells, but any kind is ok .
2. Microwave until the water has evaporated and the shells have turned pink. Using my household microwave, it took 3 minutes initially, and then an additional 3 minutes after flipping them over at 500W.
3. Finely grate in a food processor, mix in the salt and sesame, and it is done.
4. User "Izumi Una" made this with nori seaweed and sesame seeds.
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6. User "Kuishinbo" used sakura shrimp and put it into lotus root burgers.
7. When you only used a small amount of shrimp, store the shells in a bag in the freezer. Use them up in this recipe once you have accumulated some shells!

Story Behind this Recipe

Throwing out shrimp shells makes the trash smell fishy, and I didn't want to deal with that, especially in the summer. I figured it would smell better if I cooked it, but using a pan was too much of a bother, so I used the microwave, and it smelled really good♡. I then decided to turn it into a simple dried fish rice furikake. It made less trash, and I was able to eat something tasty; killing two birds with one stone!