How To Cut a Mango Restaurant Style

How To Cut a Mango Restaurant Style

As long as you can figure out the position and direction of the big pit inside the mango, you can cut it up without any waste easily, and it will look gorgeous.




1. If you press on a mango and the fruit inside is soft, it's ripe. If it's not ripe, it will ripen if you leave it out at room temperature. Once the fruit has ripened, chill it in the refrigerator.
2. If you look carefully at a round mango, it's actually a bit flattened. The mango on the right in the photo is positioned so that the surface of the pit is facing up, and the mango on the left is positioned so that the edge of the pit is facing up. The part that looks the narrowest is the edge of the pit.
3. There's a pretty big pit inside. It's got a large surface area, but seen from the side it's pretty thin.
4. The black lines show the estimated position of the pit. If you cut into it from the flat side you'll hit the pit, so be sure to cut it from the edge or narrow side!
5. Make a cut about 1cm from the centerline of the mango seen from the edge. The reason for the 1cm shift is to avoid hitting the pit.
6. Cut the other side of the pit in the same way. It's kind of similar to filleting a fish, isn't it?
7. Score the fruit in 1 to 1.5 cm intervals. Cut through so that the tip of the knife hits the skin, but don't cut through the skin.
8. Make a 1cm or so deep cut around the perimeter too.
9. Pick up the fruit and turn the skin inside out from the middle.
10. The mango unfurls its petals.
11. For the center part where the pit is, cut off the strip of skin, and scrape off the fruit as you cut it off (there's just a little of it, but still). Cut the fruit into cubes.
12. Arrange those cubes around the mango flowers and it's done. Scoop off the bottoms of the fruit segments with a fork to eat.
13. [FYI]: When you are using mango in a puree or a pudding and so on, if you cut it as shown in Step 6 and then scoop off the fruit with a spoon, it's really easy.
14. [Addendum]: The underside of the mango "flower" is empty, so if you press down on it, it may get crushed. To counteract that...
15. ...try putting enough ice into a small plastic bag to fill that gap, closing up the bag and hiding it under the mango "flower". The ice will keep the fruit chilled, so it's killing two birds with one stone maybe?

Story Behind this Recipe

I tried several times to recreate the cut mangoes we had some time ago at a Thai restaurant.
I discovered this method of figuring out the shape and direction of the pit from experience.