Butter Kabocha with Black Sesame Seeds

Butter Kabocha with Black Sesame Seeds

These are great for a side dish or snack! The measurements are just eyeballed!


Kabocha squash
1/3-1/4 of one
About 5-10 g (adjust according to your tastes)
Black sesame seeds
About 1 teaspoon, to taste
Salt or salt and pepper
A small amount (adjust according to the sweetness of your kabocha)


1. Remove the hard part of the kabocha skin and slice thinly. This time, I used pre-sliced kabocha to make it easier.
2. Put on a heatproof plate and with a little bit of water sprinkled on top. Lightly wrap with plastic wrap and microwave.
3. Melt some butter in a frying pan and add the microwaved kabocha from Step 2.
4. When the kabocha is cooked and slightly browned, add salt and pepper to taste, add the black sesame seeds, and mix to finish.
5. Place into a small cup for bentos.
6. These are great for a snack or side dish.

Story Behind this Recipe

My bento box was a little bigger than I thought, so I made this dish out of desperation!