Elegant Japanese-Style Parfait with Warabi Mochi & Wafer Cake

Elegant Japanese-Style Parfait with Warabi Mochi & Wafer Cake

Place warabi mochi and ice cream on a piece of monaka (Japanese wafer cake). This is a Japanese style parfait. It's so delicious and comforting.

Ingredients: Serves 1 person

Monaka wafer cake (Freshly made, store-bought with anko, or with ice cream inside)
1 serving
Warabi mochi (Recipe ID: 603876
2 portions
Whipped cream Recipe ID: 843760
to taste
Ice cream Recipe ID: 785842 or matcha
1 scoop
Anko (If not using store bought monaka wafer with anko)
as much as you like
Custard Recipe ID: 827085
If available
Black sesame seeds (optional)
To taste


1. Put the toppings on top of the wafer and it's done! If using store-bought monaka, you could plate it on a cup, mug or plate.
2. You can make it even sweeter and satisfying if you top it with brown sugar syrup!

Story Behind this Recipe

I wanted to eat a small portion but satisfying Japanese-style dessert because I needed a boost of energy. Wafer cake, warabi mochi, and ice cream with whipped cream are all big favorites of mine!!