Garlic Shoots Asazuke, Lightly Pickled Vegetables

Garlic Shoots Asazuke, Lightly Pickled Vegetables

Made with garlic shoots. Why not try them as snacks to enjoy with beer?
This is a lightly pickled vegetable dish with the aroma of garlic that goes well with sake.

Ingredients: An easy-to-make amount

Garlic shoots
1 bunch
Pickling juice:
※White dashi stock (or concentrated soy sauce)
3 tablespoons
2 tablespoons
1 tablespoon
1 and 1/2 tablespoons
※Red chili pepper
To taste


1. Mix ※ together in a storage container to make the pickling juice.
2. Here's the Pickling Juice Soy Sauce. This will turn out lightly pickled in white dashi stock, and will turn out stronger in concentrated soy sauce. They are both delicious.
3. Garlic Shoots: This time I pickled a whole bunch. Please make as much as you want whenever.
4. Cut the garlic into your preferred size to suit the size of the container.
5. Add a small amount of salt, and boil to your desired firmness. Add stems first, then the tips later, and cook to the same firmness.
6. Place into a sieve after boiling, and drain the water.
7. Post script After boiling, if you peel off the thin skin, then the texture will improve.
8. Place into the pickling juice while hot. Place into the fridge after it has cooled. You can eat this the next day.
9. When using concentrated soy sauce, check on the state of pickling from time to time. It will turn into tsukudani if pickled for too long. It was still delicious though.

Story Behind this Recipe

I ate lightly pickled alpine leek in Hokkaido, and it was delicious! But I can't get it as I am in Kyushu.
So I learned the amounts for the pickling juice, and used it to pickle garlic shoots.
It is not as good as the alpine leek though.