Homemade Mascarpone

Homemade Mascarpone

Mix yogurt and heavy cream and drain overnight to thicken. Also tastes quite similar to mascarpone cheese. Use for cooking and/or making desserts. Don't throw out the leftover whey.

Ingredients: Makes approx. 250 to 300g

Natural yogurt
500 g
Heavy cream (not low fat, with raw milk)
300 ml
Good salt, herb salts (for cooking purposes)
a dash
Sugar (if using to make desserts)
1 tablespoon plus


1. Mix yogurt and heavy cream in a bowl.
2. Line 2 sheets of paper towels on a colander or sieve. Pour in the mixture. Cover with plastic wrap and chill in fridge to drain over 8 hours or overnight.
3. Here's the result. Try to use it up as quickly as possible.
4. Don't let the leftover whey go to waste! Use for cooking or baking bread. I recommend "Broccoli au Gratin with Whey" [Recipe ID: 754019]
5. For Mascarpone Vegetable Lasagna. [Recipe ID: 489912]
6. For Strawberry and Rhubarb Tiramisu [Recipe ID: 538790]. Lighter and more fruity compared to regular tiramisu.
7. For Mascarpone Vegetable Risotto [Recipe ID: 807101].
8. Refer to [Recipe ID: 542154] for a delicious way to eat strawberries. Almost like a lighter variation of strawberry parfait.

Story Behind this Recipe

In Japan, mascarpone is quite expensive to get in hold of.
Well, mix some natural yogurt and heavy cream and drain. The result will taste very similar to mascarpone. Great for cooking or in desserts.
Special Thanks goes to Satoyoko.