Steaming Miso Rice Balls Wrapped in Shiso Leaves

Steaming Miso Rice Balls Wrapped in Shiso Leaves

These are the steaming rice balls we eat at home. The flavors of miso and shiso leaves go great together.

Ingredients: 1 riceball

White rice (just cooked)
1 small bowlful
Miso paste (rice based miso)
1/2 tablespoon
Shiso leaves
2 leaves


1. Take the steaming rice and do your best to form it into balls. (Be careful not to burn your hands). Do not add salt at this time.
2. Dab on the miso, and smear it evenly over the rice ball.
3. Just before eating, wrap the shiso leaves around the rice ball, just like you would usually do with nori seaweed.
4. These are shiso leaves we grew in our balcony garden. Aren't the big leaves splendid?

Story Behind this Recipe

These rice balls were made by my maternal grandparents. Even if you don't feel like eating much in the summer heat, these will mysteriously perk up your appetite.