Rich and Smooth Strawberry and Fresh Cheese Ice Cream

Rich and Smooth Strawberry and Fresh Cheese Ice Cream

This is a really delicious fresh cheese cake ice cream.
Once you try it, you can't resist, and normal ice cream will no longer be enough!


2 large
Granulated sugar
40-60 g
Cream cheese
200 g
Lemon juice
1 tablespoon
Heavy cream
200 g
100-120 g


1. Cut the strawberries into small pieces. (The juice changes the fresh cheese flavor if you crush them.)
2. Put the cream cheese and lemon juice in a bowl. Place over a bowlful of hot water and whisk until soft. (You can also use a microwave.)
3. Put the egg and half of the sugar into a separate bowl over hot water and whisk until the consistency thickens. (Be careful not to whisk too much.)
4. Now place the heavy cream and the rest of the sugar into another bowl and whisk until thickened.
5. Pour Step 2's cream cheese into Step 4's whipped cream and mix.
6. Transfer Step 3's egg mixture into Step 5's mixture and combine well.
7. Pour this mixture into a container and place chopped strawberries on top. Stir lightly with spoon and chill in the freezer.
8. Serve on a plate and it's done.

Story Behind this Recipe

I love the combination of strawberries and cream cheese and I thought ice cream and fresh cheese would be a great match.